Nutrition Box

$ 25.00

A box full of assorted running nutrition based on your tastes! See product description below for more info.


The Run Hub $25 Nutrition Box comes with an assortment of bars, gels, gummies and more! The total value of the box will include our 15% nutrition discount if there are over 12 items in your box. We will choose an assortment of items based on your answers to our questions.

We sell Gu gels, chews and Stroopwafles; Honey Stinger gels, chews and waffles; Run Gum; Jelly Belly Sport Beans; Pro Bar Meal Bars; Trail Butter; Nuun Hydration; Generation UCAN workout energy packets, hydration and bars; Tailwind Endurance Fuel and Rebuild Recovery; Picky Bars; and Hammer bars, Fizz, Heed, gels, Recoverite and Perpetuem.

All our personal shopper boxes are ineligible for returns, but items may be exchanged within 30 days of you receiving your box. If you request nutrition not currently available in our store, we may order it in, which will impact delivery time.

The shipping fee will be built into the price of your box, so items may not add up exactly to $25.