Team Run Hub: Brenda Wilson

We’re featuring some of the members of our Spring 2021 training team leading up to the virtual Eugene half marathon and marathon. Brenda Wilson is training for the half marathon with a goal of finishing in under two hours.

Why did you join Team Run Hub?
The coaching is great and the structure of the training helps.

How did you fall in love with running?
I started running on my 56th birthday in 2019. I had never even run around the block before. I have an autoimmune disease that causes a lot of pain in my hands and joints. At first, I could barely run around the block without stopping. I read everything I could on running. I started strength training. I entered races every week. Now, I’m running 20 to 35 miles a week and have run a sub 20 5k, a sub hour 20k, 4 marathons, 3 half’s, and can’t imagine not running. When I run, the pain I feel disappears, being replaced by a runner’s high!

How do you stay inspired to run during the COVID-19 pandemic?
Running wasn’t canceled. I entered virtual races, connected with running friends all over the world thru social media and we run “together.”

What is your running mantra when things get tough?
Running is a privilege!

What has been your proudest moment during the training team so far?
The 1000 m intervals. Those were amazing and terrible at the same time! It was the hardest run I have ever done. I wanted to quit a couple of times, but so glad I kept going. I’m definitely going to work that into my monthly training.

If you could offer one piece of advice to others who are training for a race, especially a virtual one, what would it be?
Have fun!

Good luck on your half marathon, Brenda!