Meet the Staff


Dustin Pearce

Owner, General Manager, Shoe Geek & Running Science Junkie 

I am a husband, father to two fur children, coach, connoisseur of sweets, and lover of the outdoors. I have been married to my beautiful wife, Kris since 2007. We have two Maine Coon cats, Chaco and Ditto. I have a addiction to sweets, and Sweet Life in town is a dangerous place for me.  In 2012, Kris and I uprooted from St. Louis, Missouri and made the decision to move to Oregon. Oregon had been a part of several vacations prior to 2012 and we fell in love with the natural beauty and all the great outdoor opportunities in the state. Both Kris and I ran at small division I universities in Missouri and were well aware of Eugene’s distinguished place in running lore, which was definitely enticing too.

Previous to leading the charge at Run Hub, I taught high school science for 12 years. In the summer of 2014 I made the decision to take a new career path and open a running store. I had worked at a running store back in Missouri during graduate school and then worked at another run shop in St. Louis, MO during the summers when I was not teaching. I have coached cross country and track & field since 2000. I have mainly coached at the high school level but have dipped down to middle school or youth running a few times.  I currently serve on the board for the Emerald Valley Track Club.
When and how did you get into running?

I started running track in 7th grade, but I wasn’t good. I tried a bunch of different events. I ended up running the “fun run” mile because I wasn’t really good at anything else. In 8th grade I got hooked. I worked a little harder and ended up getting the last (6th place) medal at the city championship that year. However, I really consider myself becoming a runner when I joined the cross country team during my sophomore year of high school. That’s when I started running more miles and really fell in love with running.

Favorite ice cream flavor?

Anything with caramel swirled in it.  Prince Puckler’s anyone?

Why do you love to run?

The core of my love for running really comes from a deep competitive streak and the desire to push my limits.  However, on the flip side, I just love the feeling of a good run, when you’re in the flow and it feels effortless.  You finish and you’re that good kind of tired and refreshed all at the same time.

What’s your favorite running route in Eugene?

This kind of changes, depending on the season, or what I’m training for. Currently, I have a short loop that I like to do from my house. Our neighborhood backs up to a wooded area that has a maze of trails. I climb some stair steps over a fence that drops into these woods. I run a little over a mile to where it connects up to the Ribbon Trail over by 30th and Spring. Then I cruise along the Ribbon Trail up to Hendricks Park where I do a short loop and take Floral Hill Drive back to our home. It’s only about 4 miles, but a great loop to start the day.

Favorite non-running activity:

I just really enjoy being outdoors and spending time with my wife. Whether it’s going to hike or ski in the Cascades or have a day tide pooling at the coast I’m happy spending time outside. I also love to dance. It doesn’t matter where or when, but give me a dance floor and some good 90’ss dance tunes and I’m there, probably embarrassing my wife.

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Kris Pearce

Accountant Extraordinaire, Co-owner

Kris is the numbers girl behind the scenes, keeping the bottom line running strong.  Pun intended.  Kris has been a runner since the age of nine when she started tugging on her dad’s shirt tail to let her run 5K’s with him.  After that first race, dad was the one tugging on her shirt tail to slow down.  She went on to win three State Cross Country team titles and be a 10K champion in the Ohio Valley Conference.  Now Kris loves exploring the roads and trails around Eugene and meeting new friends in the process.


Dietary Staple:  Nachos

Letters make me feel special:  CPA, MBA

Marathon PR: 3:06:57 (Twin Cities 2008)

Pre-Race Power Food: Grapes

Bucket List: Sub 3 hour marathon

Best Dance Move: The Happy Clown


Kirsten Bartlett

Sales Aficionado

I was raised in Nor Cal, exploring creeks and forests, and finding “entertainment” in the outdoors, and with conversation. These are still my favorite ways to spend time, especially if it’s with family. Hitchhiking in the Santa Cruz Mountains, ballet and modern dance, bike racing, short track speed skating….my younger years were full of fun exploration.
We came to Oregon in 1990, to follow the footsteps of my ancestors who came by wagon in the 1840’s. I feel like I brought the family back to where we belong. I was a full-time mom to three kids. To this day, I consider being a mom the most rewarding and most challenging vocation I could have ever chosen.

How did you get into running?

After my daughter Zoe’s death from cancer in 2006, when so much seemed out of my hands, there was one thing I could control: my fitness – both mental and physical. I joined Team in Training to run a marathon while fundraising for Leukemia and Lymphoma research. And I fell in love with running, and all it gives, in the process.
Why do you love to run? 
Clarity. To win the argument with my lazy self. The pursuit of the feeling of strength and grace I had when dancing and as a bike racer way back when.
Tell us about your most memorable run.
The Sisters Dirty Girl Trail Half a couple of years ago. My daughter and I did it. We call it the “PTSD Half” because within months I had erased all memory of the awful thing, until she reminded me of it. Freezing wet wind at the top. So much tripping. A pepple stuck in my knee. More f-bombs than I’ve uttered in any month or year. A finishline beer was never so needed.
Your go-to shoe is?
Brooks Launch!!!!! The perfect balance of cushion and responsiveness.


Lauren Moe

Apparel Buyer, Marketing & Special Events Coordinator

While I’ve always been active (I still remember crying as my mom dropped me off at soccer practice in 4th grade), it was a good friend in high school who got me into running. My junior year, she coerced me into joining the track team and running long distances with her. While I was the slowest of the distance runners on the team, my love for running was ignited.


In college, I played on the University of Oregon’s club lacrosse team, which required running and sprinting, but nothing too far. After graduation, it was an ad for the Rock n Roll Nashville Half Marathon that inspired me to start training for the long haul. I’d always wanted to visit Nashville and I figured it would be a fun reason to train and then explore a new city. Before I had even completed that race, I had already registered for the Portland Marathon. There was something about training for a goal race, executing a plan, and exploring a city that got me really excited. For the next several years, I picked races in cities I wanted to visit or races that just seemed really cool and trained for them.


Since then, I’ve run everything from 5Ks to trail 50Ks and loved almost every one of them. Currently, I’m training for the Peterson Ridge Rumble 20 miler in April and the Eugene Marathon in May. Training is going well so far and I’m enjoying following my first coached training program with Team Run Hub! Previously, I’ve used online plans or those from certain marathon training books.

When I’m not working at Run Hub or running (early morning for me), my husband and I have an almost two year old who keeps me busy and entertained.
Most memorable run?

Getting lost on a 6 mile rainy trail run in high school. My running partner and I had to double back for a total of 12 miles for the day and a few police officers met us at the trailhead. Talk about embarrassing.

What’s your go-to shoe?

It depends on the day, but right now I’m really enjoying my Mizuno Inspires as well as HOKA Arahis when I want a bit more cushion.


Stephen Cox

Adventure Seeker, Shoe Guru, Coach, and Assistant Manager

When and how did you get into running?
​I grew up in a running household. When my mom was in college, her school offered something called Spartan classes that took place a few weeks before school started–the one she signed up for was jogging. She hasn’t stopped running since. I can remember going for runs with my mom on the sidewalks of my hometown in Jacksonville, Florida. I dabbled in cross country and track in middle school, but those pursuits were secondary to my love of soccer and basketball. My life changed forever when I went out for cross-country in high school to get in shape for basketball. Two years later, I dropped traditional team sports and considered myself a full-time runner–it was all I thought about, all I wanted to do, and every activity I took part in during high school had to fit into my running schedule. The time I spent with the fellow members of that varsity team hold some of the best times of my life.
Since then, running as been a part ​of my life one way or another. It has been there through some sprint triathlons I tried, through college and grad school, and in good times and bad. The trails and roads are always there…

Favorite ice cream flavor? ​
Chocolate chip cookie dough… or a scoop of vanilla bean with a Guinness poured on top​.

Why do you love to run?
I like pushing my body to its physical limits, and I love the idea of being a little better today than I was yesterday. Success in our sport is individual: each one of us can be as good as we want to be at it–there aren’t many sports out there like that.

When did you start coaching and what teams have you coached previously? What do enjoy about coaching? Specific to our half/10K training group, what are you most excited about in coaching this group?
​I began coaching in 2008 in Tallahassee, FL. I served as an assistant coach to the Marauders of Maclay School. I love sharing my passion for the sport with a group of hungry athletes with a common goal. That goal could be a PR, a state championship, a school record, or completing your first road race. ​
With this group of 10k runners and half marathoners, I am excited to see how far they are willing to push themselves to reach their personal goals. We are all about finding the right combination of fun and hard work to reach our goals. While there are few things as fun (to me) as PRing or winning, with this group we want to make sure that love of the sport comes first. This isn’t the last race this team will ever run, but maybe it can be one of the most memorable ones.

What’s your favorite running route in Eugene?
​I love the Ridgeline Trail. I like to start at the Blanton TH and run to the top of Mt. Baldy and back. You can lose yourself out there…it is incredible what you can discover when you let your mind wander in the woods.​

Tell us about your most memorable run (whether good for bad)?
​The 2015 Boston Marathon jumps to mind. It had been a long term goal of mine since 2011. I have a vivid memory of passing a few competitors on Heartbreak Hill to a woman yelling my bib number in a thick​ New England accent: “Way to go, seven-seven-four!” I was soaked to the bone, freezing, approaching my personal limit, and en route to a huge PR. I think of that race as the pinnacle of my running career. There is nothing quite like being in the throws of competition and knowing that you are going to be successful in something you had circled on your calendar years before.

Your go-to running shoe is:
​Brooks Ghost​

What’s the theme song that plays in your head during a tough run or the end of a big race?
​It varies–I am someone who constantly has a few bars of a song stuck in his head…some of them can be quite silly, others quite poignant. ​Sometimes it is Mozart, sometimes some Lennon/McCartney, Dave Matthews, Justin Timberlake, or the Decemberists. No matter what the race, when it is time to kick I usually tell myself “Once more into the breach, dear friend.”

Outside of running, what’s your favorite thing to do?​
Spend time with a friends and family in a pub or out on a hiking trail some place. ​


Michaela Freeby

Future teacher, bird nerd, and steeple crusher.


 Katie Fitch

 PhD student, foodie, Ironman.