Our Story

A message from owner Dustin Pearce...

In seventh grade track & field, there was a fun run mile at each track meet. It was the event that all the kids got dumped in that weren’t quite talented enough to run a “real” event.

I was that kid. In eighth grade I went out for track again. I worked at it a little more this time.

At the end of the season I earned the last medal (6th place) at the City Championship in the 800m.

I was hooked on running. The sense of accomplishment I had from working at and achieving a goal was so motivating.

I went on to run in high school, and then college. I continued to run after college, but soon began teaching, and then coaching. While

I still ran, my passion became coaching. I loved to help my athletes reach goals, develop a sense of self, and feel the same sense of accomplishment I had as an athlete.

Wherever I have lived, the running community has felt like family to me. People who have run for a while and moved around can attest to this. It’s like this secret club across the country and world. However, there is no secret handshake, just the desire to lace up a pair of sneakers and run. There is no minimum qualification. Even if you are hurt or used to run, you’re

still a member of the club. If it’s your first time running or the five-hundredth, it doesn’t matter. There’s a place for you.

The mission of Run Hub is to help our customers realize that same sense of accomplishment and community through running or staying active. When you walk through the doors of Run Hub Northwest, you’re a friend, a part of the secret club, and the extended family. Hang out, have fun, and run with us.