Better Bins

In early 2024, Run Hub was chosen as one of 10 running stores in the country to participate in a new recycling initiative called the Better Bins. Made possible by the Low Impact Alliance, a non-profit organization advocating for sustainable solutions within the running industry, the Better Bins allow our customers to bring their used running shoes, clothing, socks and nutrition packaging to the shop to be recycled.

How it works

Customers can bring their products to Run Hub to recycle in the Better Bins at any time. Once a bin is full, we package the recycled products and send them to our recycling partners. Participation in the program is free for Run Hub and our customers.

What you can recycle


Allowed footwear:

  • Athletic shoes
  • Hiking boots
  • Insoles
  • Sock-liners
  • Arch supports.

NOT allowed:

  • Sandals
  • Dress shoes
  • Kids shoes
  • Heels
  • Athletic spikes/cleats
  • Winter/ski boots
What happens to it?

Footwear deposited into the Better Bins is recycled through Sneaker Impact, a company that upcycles or recycles the shoes depending on their condition.

If the footwear is in a condition to be reused, Sneaker Impact sends it to developing countries where merchants refurbish the shoes and sell them in their communities. If the footwear is no longer usable, it is distributed to waste innovation centers to create electricity for local power grids through combustion, or it is entered into Sneaker Impact’s end-of-life grinding program. That technology separates and sorts the different materials so they can be used to create new shoes.

Clothing and socks

Allowed clothing/socks:

  • Cotton clothing/socks
  • Polyester clothing/socks
  • Cotton/polyester blended clothing/socks

NOT allowed:

  • Dirty items
  • Items with zippers, buttons, elastic, etc. (You can cut them out.)
  • Socks with grips
What happens to it?

The clothing and socks are recycled through Recover, which uses 100% recycled and organic materials to make apparel and accessories.

Recover’s 360° Closed Loop program takes back old apparel, separates it, grinds it down, and makes new yarn that is knitted into new gear, creating an infinitely circular textile economy. No dyes are added to their products as all color comes from the upcycled materials.

Nutrition packaging

Allowed nutrition

  • Single serving sports nutrition wrappers (gels, chews, waffles, drink mixes) from any brand.

NOT allowed:

  • Non-sports nutrition wrappers (chips, cookies, etc.)
  • Plastic tablet tubes
  • Plastic jugs
What happens to it?

The wrappers are recycled through a partnership between TerraCycle and GU Energy Labs. Terracycle takes hard-to-recycle items and turns them into raw materials to be used in new products. 

The packaging is cleaned, separated by material type, melted, and remolded to make new products such as shipping pallets, bike racks, park benches, and recycling bins.