Fitting Process

The Run Specialty Store Advantage

One of the distinct advantages in shopping at many running specialty stores is the ability to have a shoe fit to your specific needs. At Run Hub Northwest we believe this is a critical part of the service we provide for customers. We begin each shoe fitting by taking a 3D foot scan of the customer. We view this foot scan with the customer and interpret how the foot data might help us choose the right shoe. We then have them walk or run on our treadmill while recording their gait. Together with the customer we look at the video recording and analyze their gait, explaining to them what type of shoe may work best for them. There are no fees for these services and you do not need to sign up for them ahead of time.

The Foot Scan

Run Hub uses an Aetrex Albert scanner in our shop to take a 3D foot scan of each customer. With 18 digital cameras and 960 infrared LEDs, Albert provides a complete and interactive look at an individual’s feet. This quick scan provides us detailed data on the shape and size of the customer’s feet, including length, width, arch height and instep height. The scan also provides us with a 3-dimensional model and a pressure map of each foot. We use this to capture the unique dimensions of each customer’s feet and to help us better choose the right shoe for that person. This is a free service. 

The scanner also allows us to order 3D printed custom insoles for customers if they choose.

The Gait Analysis

We have collaborated with the Bowerman Sports Science Center and Tensegrity Physical Therapy to design a process to analyze the gait and foot strike of each customer. We ask customers to walk or run on a treadmill while recording the motion with 120 fps slow motion video. We may do this several times with various shoes or even barefoot. In the process we allow the customer to view their gait and foot strike while we explain what we see and then properly fit the customer in the correct type of shoe. While this is not a fool-proof process, it does improve the chance of finding a shoe that works really well for each customer. There is no fee for this service.