First Finish 5K Training Program

Fall 2017

Training Program for the EWEB Run to Stay Warm 5K - November 19, 2017

EWEB Run to Stay Warm 5K

General overview: This Team Run Hub training program will prepare you to race in the EWEB Run to Stay Warm 5K. The training program is geared toward beginners or those who have had a long lay off from running. Our mission is to help you set goals based on your current fitness and then achieve those goals. The First Finish 5K Training Program is 8 weeks long, starting September 30.

Program Options



Individualized Training Plan

Weekly E-mails

Supported Weekly Long Run - Saturday morning 9:30 a.m.

Discount/Coupon for Gear

Team Shirt

Nutritional Sampler

Discounted pricing on massages with Trisha Kluge, LMT


Coaching Staff

Head Coach: Kirsten Barlett


– Former competitive cyclist and cycling team coach


– Run Hub Community Run coordinator/leader


– Age group racer 5K – marathon


– Team in Training, Girls on the Run, and Run Hub training group coach – 5K – marathon


– Employee Extraordinaire, Run Hub Northwest