Team Run Hub 2018: Katie Wright

Leading up to the Eugene Marathon and Half Marathon, we are featuring a few of our Team Run Hub athletes who have been training with the group since the end of January. If you’re interested in joining a future Team Run Hub training group, click here. Our next training program starts in August for the EWEB Run to Stay Warm. Registration will open in July.

Meet Katie Wright, training for her first full marathon

Why did you start running? And how long have you been doing it? 
I started running to support other high school sports I was involved in. I’ve been running on and off for about 15 years.
Why did you join Team Run Hub?
I joined Team Run Hub for the community aspect of the group and the structure of an individualized plan. I knew running with a team would be more fun compared to training on my own. I also heard good things from past Team Run Hub members.
Which race are you training for? And what’s your goal for race day (could include time, feel, effort, experience, etc.)?
I’m training for the Eugene Marathon. It’s my first full marathon and my main goal for race day is to finish strong and have fun along the way. Once we get further along in the training program I’m hoping to set a realistic time goal as well.
What motivates you to run?
How I feel during and after running motivates me to run. It genuinely makes me happy. I find that running is good for my brain and body.
What stands out as your favorite aspect of the training program so far?
The overall positivity of the group has been great. Even when it’s cold and rainy, the crew makes going on long runs seem relatively painless.

What is your favorite midrun fuel? Post run recovery meal? I don’t have a ton experience with midrun fuels, but so far I’ve liked GU Chews. For recovery, I really like making a smoothie with an orange, dates, spinach, spirulina and coconut water.  Then when I’m more hungry I’ll have a tofu scramble with toast. 

Do you have a running mantra you repeat in your head when things get tough?
If things get tough I typically do a mental body scan from head to toe, checking in with how I’m feeling. “One foot in front of the other” and “all miles are good miles” also help during challenging moments.
What is your biggest running mistake that you have made and would caution others to avoid? 
My biggest running mistake is probably a common one with going out too fast in the beginning. There’s always a ton of excitement at the beginning of a race so it can be easy to crash and burn.
What is another activity you enjoy when not running? 
When I’m not running I enjoy practicing yoga. If I’m short on time I’ll just practice yoga at home to music or with an online video. It helps me a lot with flexibility and mindfulness.
Do you have a most memorable run or workout? Or favorite place to run? If so, tell us about it. 
My favorite team training run so far was at the Row River Trail in Cottage Grove. I like those out and back team runs because we encourage each other and there are typically high-fives involved!
Good Luck, Katie! We hope for a strong finish for your first marathon.