Team Run Hub: Annie White

Leading up to the Eugene Marathon and Half Marathon, we are featuring a few of our Team Run Hub athletes who have been training with the group since the end of January. If you’re interested in joining a future Team Run Hub training group, click here. Our next training program starts in August for the EWEB Run to Stay Warm. Registration will open in July.


Meet Annie White, LMT and first-time half marathoner


Why did you start running? And how long have you been doing it? 

I started running the at age 36 and have been running for four years. Because it would make getting older easier and might make me feel better, I decided to start exercising consistently. I chose running as my activity and told myself that the goal was exercising consistently — if running doesn’t feel right, I’ll choose something else. But running felt good! Now if I don’t run for more that two days in a row, I dream about it. It feels good to feel good!


Why did you join Team Run Hub?

I am a self-motivated runner and could run the Eugene Half Marathon and train for it on my own, no problem. But I’m introverted and think it is valuable to exercise my opposite tendency, and challenge myself to be extroverted sometimes. Equally, it would be a good practice for an extroverted person to run alone occasionally. I feel very comfortable doing things on my own, but I think it’s good for me to be a little social, every once in a while. So far, it’s been a joy to run with others on long training runs. The added benefit to joining Team Run Hub is getting excellent guidance from experienced coaches.


Annie White Run to Stay WarmWhich race are you training for? And what’s your goal for race day (could include time, feel, effort, experience, etc.)?

This will be my first half marathon. My longest distance so far is 12 miles. My goal is to finish comfortably. On race day, I simply want to run 13.1 miles confidently and comfortably. I love the energy of a race and find myself running faster. Since it’s the first time, I don’t know what pace to hope for. My 5K time is 25-26 minutes so, I don’t know, 1.5 hours? I’m not sure.


What motivates you to run?

It feels good! My pants fit! I get less headaches! I get less viruses! Awesome inspiration and problem solving comes during running! It’s a great way to spend time with my amazing dog, Cedar!


Which do you think is harder for you, speed workouts or the long run? And why? 

When a speed workout is hard, it is SO hard, and when it’s exhilarating,  it’s exhilarating. Same for long runs. Speed workouts are great because they are effective and take less time. You get clear results in the weeks following speed workouts. But when it’s hard (on an off day), it’s really brutal. Long runs are the same. I’ve gotten some amazing inspirations on long runs. Running seems to super-charge my problem solving ability. But on a bad day, a long run is drudgery — you just have to get through it.


Favorite post long run fuel?

Pancakes made from egg, banana, chia-seed and butter, with blueberries, plain yogurt and just a bit of maple syrup on top. Or, brunch with friends.


How do you spend your rest/recovery days? 

I’m an LMT, so rest days are a good opportunity to fit in one or two more massage therapy appointments. If there aren’t many appointments, the extra time is used to sew. I like to make my own clothing and am a little obsessed. If left to my own devises, I’d sew for 8-10 hours a day, so any extra time is appreciated. Foam rolling and stretching are on my schedule as well.


Do you have a most memorable run or workout? If so, tell us about it. 

My first race was memorable. It was a 5K. I’d been running for a couple of years and never bothered to race. It was in November 2015, I was 38 and I won my division! It was just a fluke, I know, because the time wasn’t actually very fast. My time was only 26:33. But I happened to be the fastest in my age group for that race, which was very encouraging. What a fun coincidence!


Great work and good luck, Annie! 


*Race photo by Thomas Moser Photography