Team Run Hub: Jenni Timms

In the weeks leading up to the EWEB Run to Stay Warm, the Turkey Stuffer 5K and the Holiday Half and Hustle, we’ll be introducing you to some of our Team Run Hub athletes who will talk about their goals and how their training has gone. Today, meet Jenni Timms, owner of Fair Valley Farm.


Jenni TimmsWhy did you start running? How long have you at it?

I’ve been running for about 8 years. I was inspired to start training for a marathon after seeing the London marathon finishers while living there in 2008. It looked like so much fun and a good challenge so I decided I wanted to try.


How old are you? And what do you do for work (or your favorite non running hobby if you’d prefer)?

I am 34 and I own and operate a small pasture-based livestock farm, Fair Valley Farm, where we raise grass-fed meat and poultry.


Why did you sign up for the Team Run Hub Training Program?

Running a small farm business can be a bit consuming at times, so running has taken a backseat over the past few years. I decided to sign up for the program so I would be motivated to stick to a schedule and stay accountable. Between having a set training schedule and awesome coaches and teammates, it has been so much easier and fun to break myself away from the farm for a run.


What race are you training for? And what are your goals for race day?

I’m training for the EWEB half. Initially, my goal was more about the training than the race itself but now that I’ve put in the work, I’d love to PR, which would be under 1:56 for me.


What stands out as your favorite part of training with a group or following a training program?

Our Tuesday night workouts. I have a hard time pushing myself to run outside of my comfort zone, so it’s great to have the group to do those tough workouts with. Everyone is so encouraging and cheers each other on, so when the set gets tough you help push each other to keep at it.


What have you struggled with this training season?

I’ve learned a lot about pacing during this training season. I used to just run at one comfortable speed all the time, but have learned more about pushing it during some workouts and taking it easy during others. After seeing faster miles during hard workouts, it’s sometimes a struggle not to feel dissapointed with seeing slower mile splits during easy runs. It’s been a learning process to remember that recovery is important and not every mile needs to be run at goal pace.


Nice job and good luck on Sunday, Jenni! Run Hub’s next coached training program will start in early 2017 in preparation for the Eugene Marathon (half and full).