Team Run Hub: Lillie Schrock

Leading up to the Eugene Marathon and Half Marathon, we are featuring a few of our Team Run Hub athletes who have been training with the group since the end of January. If you’re interested in joining a future Team Run Hub training group, click here. Our next training program starts in August for the EWEB Run to Stay Warm. Registration will open in July.


Meet Lillie Schrock, a reporter who is new to Eugene and training for the Eugene Half Marathon.


Schrock running a 10K in Casper, Wyoming

Why did you start running? And how long have you been doing it?
I started running in the 7th grade because I’m not very coordinated and wanted a fun way to exercise with a team. I joined my middle school cross country team and have been running ever since.


Why did you join Team Run Hub?
When I moved here for work in September I didn’t know anyone in Eugene. I found out about Run Hub’s community runs on Facebook and showed up my first week in town. It has been a great way to make friends in a new city while also working on fitness goals.


Which race are you training for? And what’s your goal for race day (could include time, feel, effort, experience, etc.)?
I am training for the Eugene Half Marathon. This will be my second half marathon and I want to have fun, feel good and improve my time!


What motivates you to run?
I am very goal-driven and enjoy the purpose that running gives me – to get out there every day and try harder to feel better, be faster and run further.


Which do you think is harder for you, speed workouts or the long run? And why?
Long runs are harder for me because of the sustained mental strength it takes to get through them. I enjoy long runs more when I have friends to chat with, which is why I joined Run Hub!


What stands out as your favorite aspect of the training program so far?
I really enjoy the speed workouts and how they are improving my lactate threshold, as well as teaching me to mentally push myself as a runner. Just in the first few weeks of the training program I improved my pace.


Favorite post-long run fuel?
Nachos and a beer from Tap & Growler!


How do you spend your rest/recovery days?
Walking on Pre’s Trail or doing hot yoga at Sweaty Ganesh


Tell us about your most memorable run or workout.
I really enjoyed the two-mile tempo run. I ran with Sandy Goodell and we improved our times from the two-mile time trial, and had a lot of fun doing so!


Thanks for joining the Run Hub community, Lillie and good luck!  


*Photos by Dan Cepeda