Team Run Hub: Nikki Willis

In the weeks leading up to the EWEB Run to Stay Warm, the Turkey Stuffer 5K and the Holiday Half and Hustle, we’ll be introducing you to some of our Team Run Hub athletes who will talk about their goals and how their training has gone. Today, meet Nikki Willis who started running in 2016 and is now tackling the half marathon.



Nikki Willis
Nikki (center) is training for the Eugene Holiday Half

Why did you start running? How long have you been running?

I started running April 2, 2016. I came to a Saturday group run. I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder and started my journey to health with nutrition. Improving my nutrition helped to improve my energy levels, so I decided to add running to my health plan. I liked that Run Hub advertised all paces welcome and decided to try. My first run group was a positive experience and left me believing, maybe running is something I can do. (Thank you Connie and Jenell!) Six months later and I’m still at it… Slow and steady wins the race… of life.


How old are you? And what do you do for work (or your favorite non running hobby if you’d prefer)?

I am 37 and work at Peace Health in the Clinical Education department. My favorite non-running activities include sleeping, binge-watching Netflix/Hulu/Amazon, reading, sleeping, cooking and Crossfit.


Why did you sign up for the Team Run Hub Training Program?

I like the group environment and the guided program. I am a newbie to running, so the support is helpful. The coaches also set up workouts I probably wouldn’t do for myself (i.e. hills, striders, etc.).


What race are you training for?  And what are your goals for race day?

I am planning to do the Holiday Half on December 17.


What stands out as your favorite part of training with a group or following a training program?

The people! It is great to meet people and cheer each other’s success.


What have you struggled with this training season?

Speed work. This is my next area of focus, so I’m glad to have a guide for how it should look.


Tell us about your favorite or most memorable workout/long run during this training cycle.

My favorite run was with my run buddy Jenell. We did our first 10 miler. All running, no walking. It was a big jump in distance for us (from 6 mile long runs to 8 and then a quick jump up to 10 miles). It took us almost 3 hours (2:56:55), but we did it! The best part was finishing and knowing we could have gone longer.


Awesome job, Nikki! Run Hub’s next coached training program will start in early 2017 in preparation for the Eugene Marathon (half and full).