Run Hub’s Top Trail Running Tips

Run Hub staff have compiled their top 10 trail running tips for those looking to do more trail running this season.

  1. Don’t worry so much about your pace! You will run slower on the trails because of elevation changes, warmer temperatures and maneuvering rocks and roots.
  2. Walking is okay! Walk the steep inclines and you’ll have more energy to carry you through your trail run and run farther.
  3. Get fitted for a quality trail shoe to give you traction and support on the trail. While many road shoes will work on the trails, a trail shoe will give you better grip through rocky or muddy sections.
  4. Bring water and fuel for your runs. Because trail running is more challenging, your body may need more fuel than it would on a road run. It’s also easier to get lost or want to go a bit further on the trails, so it’s a good idea to have fuel and water on hand. You’ll also want to bring a snack for after the run if you’re a ways from home.
  5. Wear taller socks to keep dirt, debris and poison oak off your legs. Bring a change of shoes and socks for after your run.
  6. Plan your route ahead of time! It’s a great idea to screenshot the trail map in advance in case you don’t have cell service where you’re going. Plan the turns you will be making if the trail has several route options. Tell someone where you’re going in case you do get lost.
  7. Bring sunscreen and a hat for trails that don’t have much shade.
  8. During the darker months, bring a headlamp if you’re heading out in the evening or early morning.
  9. Scan the trail about 10-15 feet in front of you for rocks and roots that could trip you up. And when the trail is smooth, look up and enjoy your surroundings. Or stop to take a picture when the view is incredible!
  10. Lastly, have fun and enjoy the adventure! If you’re going out of town, pick a new-to-you coffee shop or restaurant to stop by afterward to refuel.

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