Why I love to run: Bill Bezuk

For February and March we’re featuring some of our Run Hub community runners, why they love running and how they fell in love with it. Last but not least, read about Bill Bezuk’s up and down relationship with running and find out his go-to sock choice.

Q: How did you fall in love with running?

A: I started running about 12 years ago, shortly after I had opened my own business. The combination of stress and my love of food made me realize I needed a consolidated way of getting into and then staying in shape.

This was not a love at first sight. I recall the difficulties of running a mile but over time that mile became two, then three, then much more. 

Just like any other love, falling in love with running was an evolution. I’m skeptical of love at first sight. And just like any other relationship, my love of running has not always been smooth. Indeed, there was a time not long ago that I hated running. But I accepted that relationship for what it is and always found a way of falling back in love. What I appreciate most about my love of running is that I get joy running by myself as well as running with others.

Q: Tell us about a time recently where you thought “Wow, this is why I love running.”

A: My wow moment? A pre-dawn run along Ridgeline when I stopped to listen to an owl only to realize I was lost. Not really lost because I was on a trail but I was so lost in my thoughts that I lost a sense of place and time. 

Q: Do you have a favorite piece of gear?

A: My advice for a joyful running experience is to accept yourself for who you are. Also, get a good pair of socks. My favorite are the Balega 1/4 crew. I can’t have enough.