Why I love to run: Tayler Thompson

For the month of February we’re featuring some of our Run Hub community runners, why they love running and how they fell in love with it. Find out more about Tayler Thompson’s running journey, why they love running and what their favorite piece of running gear is. Hint: it’s not something you can buy!

Q: How did you fall in love with running?

A:  I don’t recall there ever being a time that I “fell in love” with running.  Instead, it’s just always been something that I loved.  My father has been a distance runner since before I was born, and I have very fond memories of riding my bike alongside my dad when I was quite young, and eventually running alongside him when I entered elementary school. Growing up, we ran the mountains of Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming.  Though my father is no longer able to run, I carry him with me and stop for a brief moment during every run and race to thank him for this gift he’s given me.

Q: Tell us about a time recently when you thought “Wow, this is why I love running.”

A: HA!  This is a great one.  Given that I’ve just recently returned to running, there have been a LOT of these moments.  In general, the most recent reason that I remembered I love running is because when you’re returning from a long period of start/stop running progress, it becomes quite simple.  It’s not about pace or Strava or even what you’re wearing.  Instead, I’ve been setting a timer to beep every 5 minutes, throwing on some cotton sweatpants and sweatshirt, and heading out the door.  The simplicity of running that is often forgotten these days is why I love it so much recently.

Q: Is there anything else you want to tell us about your love for running/why you run? 

A: The “why” question gets tossed around a lot in ultra running.  “What’s your why?”… “Know your why”… And I have never been able to answer this sufficiently.  My truth?  I don’t have a why.  Again, it comes back to simplicity.  For me, it’s about “Why not?”  I can, as plain and simple as that is.  I run… and I run far and high… because I can.  As someone who has survived two near-death experiences… who has disabled people in my family… I understand that running is a gift.  So, why not?

Q: Favorite piece of gear?

A: Again, I’m simple.  It’s not the gear that makes the runner, it’s the runner that makes the runner.  For me, my favorite piece of gear is my mind.  Yes, the body does a lot of work in running, but without the mind also in top shape, finishing 100 miles is impossible. 

But if I had to choose a piece of gear it would be my Sprints Sasquatch hat that I bought from y’all.  Because running should always be fun first!