Out on the Trail

When we all showed up blurry eyed and groggy at 7:20 a.m. at Run Hub Northwest, we didn’t know what the morning had in store for us, but we did know a love for trail running had brought us together. As we loaded up our cars and started heading east on Highway 126 towards the…
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Meet the Owners, Dustin and Kris Pearce

The Backstory Dustin and Kris Pearce, co-owners of Run Hub Northwest didn’t always plan on opening a running store in Eugene, OR.  But it wasn’t for their lack of love for running.   Dustin and Kris both grew up in Springfield, Missouri and started running at a young age.  Both ran track and cross country throughout high school…
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5 Tips for Marathon Race Week

Eugene half and full marathoners, race week is here! We know you’re excited (and maybe a bit nervous). But don’t fret, you’ve got the miles under your belt and are ready for the challenge. We thought it would be fun to share a few tips you can follow this week from experienced local marathoner, Brett…
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